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Human Health Major with Focus in Epidemiology

Program Details

The focus aims to build students’ critical thinking and analytic competencies in studies of population health. Students will learn about the ways in which we can study health in populations and the threats to the validity of these studies. With this foundational knowledge, students will go on to learn how to design and implement health research and be able to critique reports of health research as translated beyond science to the public and as it regularly appears in the news. The epidemiology focus is not a degree-granting program, but a portfolio of elective courses within the Human Health major (HTLH 207, HLTH 279, HLTH 306, HLTH 408).

This set of courses forms a focus of study that complements and builds on the core Human Health major requirements, progressively addressing complex epidemiological concepts that will help prepare students for careers in public health, medicine, research, business and more.

Epidemiology-focused Courses

  • HLTH 207 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
  • HLTH 279 Critiquing HLTH News
  • HLTH 306 Designing Health Research
  • HLTH 408 Epidemiology in Action

Led By Distinguished Faculty