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Predictive Health Minor

The Predictive Health curriculum engages students in a paradigm shift in our understanding of health and challenges facing health care.

The Predictive Health Minor offers students a portfolio of courses covering the emerging science of health, refocusing the scholarly and professional attention given to disease and illness associated with medicine to an evidence-based academic focus on health and wellness. As data accumulate documenting how our behaviors influence and are influenced by fundamental biological processes, the predictive health curriculum details new understandings of causal mechanisms that underlie the continuum of health.

The 21-credit hour curriculum includes courses emphasizing novel research discoveries, developments in science and technology, the nature of prediction, and the emerging science of the developmental origins of health. Changing paradigms in health care call attention to the importance of self-empowerment and integrative approaches to mental and physical health and well-being.

The faculty include research scientists from across the university, bringing innovation and cutting-edge discoveries on topics ranging from the immune system, brain health, mental wellness and climate together with leaders in public health, law, health economics and policy. Social scientists and ethicists join the conversation as we focus on the human experience of health and consider the importance of health narratives as they shape public understanding of health.

The Predictive Health minor enriches educational depth and breadth for all pre-health students and offers important perspectives for students who aspire to further training not only in medicine and the allied health professions, public health, nutrition, and psychology, but also those who aspire to work in health economics, law, policy, and business.

Our students gain the foundation to meet a range of academic and professional goals and have pursued a variety of post-graduate positions in:

  • Public Health
  • Health and Medical Business Enterprises
  • Health and Wellness Operations
  • Clinical Environments
  • Health Policy and Law
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Bioethics
  • Health Education and Promotion

Required Foundational Courses

  • HLTH 210 Intro to Predictive Health
  • HLTH 310 Defining Health: Biocultural Perspectives
  • HLTH 343 Science of Integrative Health
  • HLTH 411 Many Diseases, Few Causes

Examples of Relevant Courses

  • HLTH 220 Introduction to Nutrition Science
  • HLTH 314 The Science of Sleep
  • HLTH 317 Microbiome in Health & Disease
  • HLTH 320 Nutrition & Chronic Disease
  • HLTH 321 Nutrition across the Life Cycle
  • HLTH 323 Nutrition for Exercise & Sport
  • HLTH 340 Food, Health, & Society
  • HLTH 420 Mythbusters: Nutrition Facts and Fiction
  • HLTH 440 Botanical Medicine & Health

Led By Distinguished Faculty