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Academic Programs

The Center for the Study of Human Health offers unparalleled opportunities for emerging scholars in health and well-being. Our students engage in a diverse array of academic inquiry and experiential exploration that emphasizes the future of health in a global context.

Academics Human Health Major
Human Health Major

Human health is a major global issue and a leading sector for job growth. Emory’s Human Health major takes an interdisciplinary approach to examine the complex scientific and social issues involved in health and well-being.

This degree develops practical skills for a wide variety of health-related careers as well as a holistic understanding of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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Academics Human Health Major with a Focus in Epidemiology
Human Health Major with a Focus in Epidemiology

The focus aims to build students’ critical thinking and analytic competencies in studies of population health. Students will learn about the ways in which we can study health in populations and the threats to the validity of these studies.

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Academics Human Health and Economics Joint Major
Human Health and Economics Joint Major

Economics and human health is a joint major that prepares you for a wide variety of career paths. This program is geared towards students who are interested in economics along with pre-health (pre-med, pre-vet, etc.) fields.

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Academics Global Health Culture and Society Minor
Global Health, Culture, and Society Minor

Gain perspective to meet challenges and opportunities arising from a complex interplay of political, environmental, social, historical and cultural systems. From global needs in the field to clinical care, learn about confronting global health challenges as they happen. Explore how to power social change and contribute to building community partnerships that advance health.

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Academics Nutrition Science Minor
Nutrition Science Minor

This curriculum highlights the science of human nutritional biology from the cellular basis to the whole body. Explore the psychological, cultural, and ecological influences on dietary choices. Investigate the biological processes underlying health, optimal wellness, and disease from prenatal life to old age. Enhance your knowledge of nutrition in preparation for further study in the field, as a background for careers in medicine, public health, and associated fields, and as a basis to optimize personal health and well-being.

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Academics Predictive Health Minor
Predictive Health Minor

Predictive health brings together perspectives from medicine, public health, business, economics, the social sciences—areas that deal with human society and social relationship—and humanities. Explore a model of health care based on a personalized approach to health and well-being rather than the traditional disease-oriented model.

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Academics Health Innovation Concentration
Health Innovation Concentration

In collaboration with the Goizueta Business School BBA Program

Gain an understanding of the cutting-edge science of health innovations in areas such as personalized medicine and health, applications and translations involved in global health, the science of nutrition and health policy. Build a foundation in the basics of management, marketing and operations and develop business practices that make us better stewards of financial, human and organizational resources.

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Academics Human Health BA Epidemiology MPH 4 1
Human Health BA + Epidemiology MPH 4+1

The Human Health BA + Epidemiology MPH 4+1 program is a distinctive opportunity for high-achieving students who seek career paths in epidemiology.

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