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Register for These New Courses


Register for These New Courses

From discovering how to enhance your mental well-being & resilience to producing your first podcast, explore classes from our world-renowned educators. Register today!


HLTH 285-3: Mental Well-being & Resilience

Why didn’t we evolve to be happy all the time? Why does stress make us nervous and unhappy? In the face of trends to medicate our problems away, what can ancient peoples teach us about how to enhance well-being? Explore a wide range of strategies for transforming depression and anxiety into the psychological resilience and flexibility needed to thrive in challenging times.

Taught by: Charles Raison



HLTH 285-1: Critiquing Health News

Health claims abound: How do we know what to think? Gain critical thinking skills in discerning real health news from exaggerated claims.

Taught by: Cecile Janssens



HLTH 385-9: Health & Science Podcasting

Have a health story to tell? Two national health journalists teach you the skills of audio storytelling – narrating, writing, and producing audio pieces suitable for publication.

Taught by: Maryn McKenna



HLTH 332-1: Health and Human Rights

“Is human health a right? If not, why is it not?” Consider core bioethical issues of health disparities with attention to the specific needs of children, women, refugees, and immigrants.

Taught by: Jennifer Sarrett



HLTH 306-1: Designing Health Research

“How do we know what we know about health?” Learn how health research is conducted and design a potentially fundable study on a health topic of your choice.

Taught by: Ghada Farhat



HLTH 350R-1: Implementation Science for Global Health

Communities aren't always quick to adopt healthy behaviors. Collaborate with a host partner in South Africa to identify and address factors influencing community participation in a reproductive health intervention as part of a hands-on class project.

Taught by: Rebecca Shasanmi

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