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Dr. Charles Raison to Lead SOS 24

CSHH's Dr. Charles Raison will be the Moderator of the 2024 Science on Spiritual Health Symposium.


Dr. Charles Raison Research Leader Interview with Genomic Press Psychedelics

Read more about Dr. Charles Raison's interview "Elucidating the role of conscious experience in the therapeutic effects of psychedelics as a means to optimize clinical outcomes."


A Preview of Spring 2024 Courses

Building on the Science of Health with these Spring 2024 courses.

Maryn McKenna Awarded 2023 Victor Cohn Prize

Maryn McKenna Awarded 2023 Victor Cohn Prize

CSHH Senior Fellow Maryn McKenna has been selected to receive the 2023 Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting.


A Preview of Fall 2023 Classes

Building on the Science of Health with these Fall 2023 courses.


Dr. Christina Gavegnano at the Forefront of HIV-Saving Drug

A patient may be free of HIV, thanks to a drug invented by Dr. Gavegnano.

CSHH's Dr. Christiansen-Lindquist Receives National Recognition for Epidemiologic Research

CSHH's Dr. Christiansen-Lindquist Receives National Recognition for Epidemiologic Research

Dr. Lauren Christiansen-Lindquist was recognized by the Society of Epidemiologic Research for her substantial contributions to the field of epidemiology through mentoring, training and/or teaching.


The New York Times Features Dr. Charles Raison, Visiting Professor at CSHH

CSHH’s Dr. Charles Raison was featured in a New York Times article, 'What Does Good Psychedelic Therapy Look Like?'.


CSHH's Dr. Hall-Clifford and Team Emerge as Global Finalists for the $10M Lever for Change Award

Dr. Hall-Clifford and the Maya Health Alliance co-developed safe+natal, a smartphone app to promote healthy births in rural Guatemala's Maya communities.


Dr. Chris Eagle Releases Book "Dwell Here and Prosper"

CSHH's Dr. Chris Eagle's new book " Dwell Here and Prosper" is available for pre-order now.


A Preview of Summer 2023 Classes

Building on the Science of Health with these Summer 2023 courses.


Meet the Commencement 2023 Student Speaker

Nicole Felix-Tovar, a Human Health triple major, is the student speaker at Emory University’s 2023 Commencement ceremony.


CSHH Senior Sandra Bourdon Receives Brittain Award

Commitment to community on and off campus earns CSHH Senior Sandra Bourdon undergraduate Brittain Award.

2023 CSHH Student Award Recipients

2023 CSHH Student Award Recipients and Honors Students

The Center for the Study of Human Health recently recognized the recipients of our 2023 Student Awards and Emory Honors Students.


Human Health Student Team Places Third in Global Competition

The Human Health student team placed third in the 2023 Emory Morningside Global Health Case Competition using tools learned in the Human Health program.


Dr. Quave & Dr. Raison Discuss Psychedelic Medicines for Depression

Dr. Cassandra Quave interviews Dr. Charles Raison about the potential utility of psychedelic medicines for the treatment of depression on her podcast Foodie Pharmacology.


Annika Urban Captures Emory's First-Ever Indoor Title & Sets New Record

CSHH Senior Annika Urban won the individual championship in the one-mile run at the NCAA Division III Indoor Championships.


Maya Wright Advances to Final on 'Jeopardy!'

Maya Wright's comeback win on Jeopardy! advances her to the 2-day finals event.


CSHH Senior Maya Wright to Compete on 'Jeopardy!'

Maya Wright — who is a human health and Spanish double-major and president of the Emory Quiz Bowl team — will join 26 former teen contestants who are currently undergraduates or recent college graduates.


Highlights of Spring 2023 Courses

Building on the Science of Health with these Spring 2023 courses.


Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Cecile Janssens

An esteemed epidemiologist, brilliant teacher, inspiring colleague, and friend.


Greenwald's honors thesis accepted for publication by Current Developments in Nutrition

Rachel Greenwald's 2020 honors thesis with CSHH was recently accepted for publication by the journal Current Developments in Nutrition.


Dr. Dan Benardot to Speak at Upcoming PAMA Webinar

Dr. Dan Benardot is a key speaker at the upcoming PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association) Young Professionals Webinar "Caring for the Next Generation: Performing Arts Medicine for Performing Arts Students".


A Preview of Summer 2022 Classes

Building on the Science of Health with these Summer 2022 courses.


Gavegnano Co-Invents Life-Saving COVID-19 Drug

CSHH Professor Christina Gavegnano co-invents drug that is the gold standard in saving the lives of critically ill COVID-19 patients.


CSHH's Rachel Hall-Clifford Featured in Emory Medicine Magazine

Read the article on how Rachel Hall-Clifford and her husband, Gari Clifford, invented a device to monitor fetal health with a smartphone app.


Hunting for Medicines Hidden in Plants

Dr. Cassandra Quave contributes an essay to The Wall Street Journal on searching for and discovering medicines hidden in plants.


A Vaccine Against Valley Fever Finally Works—for Dogs

Maryn McKenna writes on the discovery of a Valley Fever vaccine available for dogs in her latest WIRED article.


A Preview of Spring 2022 Classes

Building on the Science of Health with these Spring 2022 courses.


The Race Is On to Develop a Vaccine Against Every Coronavirus

Maryn McKenna writes on a "universal" shot to protect against Covid's viral family tree and the hurdles that might be encountered in her latest WIRED article.


More Covid Vaccine Boosters Are Coming. Who Should Get Them?

Maryn McKenna writes on Covid vaccine booster shots in her latest WIRED article.


Dr. Cassandra Quave Interviewed on ABC News Live

Dr. Cassandra Quave is interviewed by ABC News Live on the launch of her new book "The Plant Hunter".


Another Global Pandemic Is Spreading—Among Pigs

Maryn McKenna writes on the threat of the African swine fever to the US in her latest WIRED article.


20 Years After the Anthrax Attacks, We’re Still Unprepared

Maryn McKenna writes on the US shortage of funding and tech to handle health emergencies in her latest WIRED article.


What If Getting a Kids’ Vaccine Approved Is the Easy Part?

Maryn McKenna writes on the potential distribution and vaccination struggles that might come with a COVID vaccine for children in her latest WIRED article.


CSHH Faculty & Experts Nominated for Researcher Appreciation Day

Five faculty members/Center experts were nominated by their peers & colleagues for their groundbreaking research, development of new technologies, and continued pursuit of novel & innovative ideas.


Floods Have Swamped the US. The Next Health Problem: Mold

Maryn McKenna writes on mold becoming a problem after recent flooding in the US in her latest WIRED article.


As Covid Cases Rise, So Do Hospital-Related Infections

Maryn McKenna writes on how overcrowding from Covid care is allowing infections to rise again in her latest WIRED article.


Are Off-Label Prescriptions a Backdoor to Giving Kids Covid Vaccines?

Maryn McKenna writes on the Covid vaccine for children in her latest WIRED article.


Afghanistan Almost Beat Polio. Now the Future Is Uncertain

Maryn McKenna writes on Afghanistan's fight against Polio and how the country's current situation may affect this in her latest WIRED article.


The US Is Getting Covid Booster Shots. The World Is Furious

Maryn McKenna writes on global equity as the US gets Covid booster shots in her latest WIRED article.


The FDA OKs an Extra Covid Vaccine Dose for Immune-Impaired People

Maryn McKenna writes on the FDA's most recent decision regarding additional COVID vaccine doses in her latest WIRED article.


The Next Covid-19 Battle Will Be About Vaccinating Kids

Maryn McKenna writes on the upcoming battle of Covid-19 vaccines for children in her latest WIRED article.


Covid Protections Kept Other Viruses at Bay. Now They’re Back

Maryn McKenna writes on the threat of other common viruses arising now that we’re relaxing our protective behaviors in her latest WIRED article.


The Challenge of Covid-19 Vaccines for the Immunosuppressed

Maryn McKenna writes on the vaccine and antibodies for those who are immune-compromised in her latest WIRED article.


Dr. Sarrett Interviewed on Top of Mind with Julie Rose

The Center's Dr. Jennifer Sarrett discusses her work on people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in incarcerated settings on Top of Mind with Julie Rose.


A Preview of Fall 2021 Classes

The Science of Health from Laboratory Discovery to Daily Life.


Summer '21 Course Highlight

Embrace the Summer of ’21 and Expand Your Horizons in Physical and Mental Health.


Dr. Cassandra Quave's Book "The Plant Hunter" Available October 12

CSHH's Cassandra Quave's new book "The Plant Hunter" is available for pre-order now.


The UK Has a Plan for a New ‘Pandemic Radar’ System

Maryn McKenna writes on disease surveillance schemes to catch the next rising virus in her latest WIRED article.


McKenna Scientific American Article Featured on June Cover

Maryn McKenna's article in Scientific American on deadly fungi is featured on the June cover.


As the US Unmasks, the Pressure Is on for Vaccine Passports

Maryn McKenna writes on vaccine passports in her latest WIRED article.


Using Her Own Journey Through Challenges to Benefit Others

Peer Health Partner Mimi Yu is featured in the Emory Report for her initiatives to promote health and well-being across campus.


Dr. Jennifer Sarrett Writes in The Conversation

CSHH's Dr. Jennifer Sarrett contributes an article to The Conversation on the topic of intellectual disabilities among incarcerated populations.


Undergraduate research spotlights health care challenges of migrants in Morocco

Madelyn Haden is featured in the Emory Report for her honors thesis focused on health care challenges of migrants in Morocco.


It’s Already Time to Stop the Next Pandemic. Can a Prize Help?

Maryn McKenna writes on prize incentives to help efforts on preventing the next pandemic in her latest WIRED article.


Covid Lockdowns Prevented Other Infections. Is That Good?

Maryn McKenna writes on the effect social distancing, lockdowns, and masking may have had on our immune systems in her latest WIRED article.


Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Are Coming. What Will That Mean?

Maryn McKenna writes on Covid-19 vaccine passports in her latest WIRED article.


Covid Spilled From Animals to Humans. Now It’s Spilling Back

Maryn McKenna writes on the transfer of Covid-19 from animals to humans, and back to animals.


The Pandemic Can’t End While Wealthy Nations Hoard Shots

Maryn McKenna writes on the competition and supply of Covid-19 vaccines.


CSHH Prof. John Cranmer Continues Work on Emory-Ethiopia Partnership

Infant mortality consortium, pioneered by Emory-Ethiopia Partnership, receives $4.5 million grant.


The Pandemic Will End—but Covid-19 May Be Here to Stay

Maryn McKenna writes on the threat of Covid-19 sticking around even after the pandemic is over.


Are Mass Clinics the Solution for Covid-19 Vaccination?

Maryn McKenna writes on solutions for vaccination campaigns.


2021 Spring Course Highlight

Our health is essential now more than ever. Discover these Spring 2021 courses that revolve around several facets of our living health.


The Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout Faces a Two-Shot Problem

Maryn McKenna writes on the issues with a two-dose vaccination shot.


Yes to Masks. No to Parties. 2021 Will Be a Lot Like 2020

Maryn McKenna writes on Covid-19 lingering into the new year and what that looks like.


Vaccines Are Here. We Have to Talk About Side Effects

Maryn McKenna writes on the disinformation that could be associated with the new COVID-19 vaccines.


Two Global Efforts Try to Trace the Origin of the Covid Virus

Maryn McKenna writes on the on-going search to trace when—or how often—the virus passed from animals to people.


The Last, ‘Ultra-Cold’ Mile for Covid-19 Vaccines

Maryn McKenna writes on the possibility of upcoming Covid-19 vaccines & their unusual store requirements.


Winning Trust for a Vaccine Means Confronting Medical Racism

Maryn McKenna writes on the issue of as the US government scrambles to protect its residents from Covid-19, it is simultaneously having to confront and try to unwind decades of justified distrust.


In the US, 50 States Could Mean 50 Vaccine Rollout Strategies

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.


Could the National HIV Strategy Help Guide the Covid Fight?

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on whether the national HIV strategy could help guide the fight against Covid.


Dr. Charles Raison Discusses Drug Trials Using Psychedelics

Dr. Charles Raison sits down with Wisconsin Public Radio to discuss the use of psychedelics in drug trials to treat depression.


The NIH Launches a Global Hunt for Animal-to-Human Diseases

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on tracking down animal-to-human diseases.


Lecturer Jennifer Sarrett writes on disability and criminal justice

Lecturer Jennifer Sarrett, PhD, M.Ed writes on disability and criminal justice in an article for The Conversation.


Flu Season and Covid-19 Are About to Collide. Now What?

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on flu season and COVID occurring at the same time.


Oleandrin is a deadly plant poison, not a COVID-19 cure

Associate Professor Dr. Cassandra Quave explains why Oleandrin is not the cure for COVID-19 in her article on The Conservation's website.


New Data on How Many Kids Got That Covid Mystery Illness

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on the COVID mystery illness in kids.


Covid-19 Data in the US Is an ‘Information Catastrophe’

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on health data in the US.


To Navigate Risk In a Pandemic, You Need a Color-Coded Chart

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on weighing everyday risks.


Compound Discovery for The Quave Lab

The Quave Lab discovers a compound in the leaves of a common shrub that boosts an antibiotic’s activity against antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria.


Dr. Dan Benardot Holds Online Lecture for Beijing Sport University

Dr. Benardot held an online lecture to a group of recently graduated young teachers attending a summer training program at Beijing Sport University.


Register for These New Courses

From discovering how to enhance your mental well-being & resilience to producing your first podcast, explore classes from our world-renowned educators.


Where Should COVID-19 Vaccines Be Tested?

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on COVID-19 vaccines.


Keeping Pandemics Front of Mind

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on COVID-19.


Dr. Charles Raison to Give Honorary Keynote Speech

Dr. Raison has been invited to give an honorary keynote address for the Royal Society of Medicine.


Dr. Dan Benardot to Speak at 13th Annual Sports Medicine Update

Dr. Benardot to speak on nutrition strategies for young athletes.


Linking fortification to decreased anemia in Colombia

Dr. Helena Pachón & colleagues collaborate in research study


Rigorous Hand-Washing Will Be Part of Covid-19's New Normal

Read our own Maryn McKenna's WIRED article on the new normal hygiene task of Covid-19.


'Wild Healing' with Dr. Quave

The Quave Lab and Emory Herbarium featured on the PBS show, Wild Healing.


Dr., Short for Documentary

CSHH Director Michelle Lampl is among 30 internationally renowned scientists featured in the Netflix documentary series “Babies.”


#MeToo Meets Global Health: A Call to Action

Dr. Rachel Hall-Cliffor curates #MeToo Global Health blogs


CSHH Welcomes Angela Fusaro for the 2019 Berson Lecture

Angela Fusaro, MD, MBA, is an Emergency Medicine physician and the Co-Founder and COO of Physician 360, a company that develops rapid, at-home tests for urgent care conditions like strep throat, flu, UTI and anemia.


Visiting Faculty Dan Benardot Keynotes PRiSM Annual Meeting

Dr. Benardot was a keynote speaker at the recent PRiSM (Pediatric Research in Sports Medicine) annual meeting, where he spoke on Nutrition Strategies for the Young Athlete: Myths and Realities.


CSHH announces spring 2019 film series

The Center for the Study of Human Health is pleased to announce the Spring 2019 Film Series: Voices.


Human Health Course, "The Science of Sleep" Featured in Emory News

How important is sleep? Students in Emory’s “Science of Sleep” class spent the semester analyzing research that suggests inadequate sleep may hinder their cognition and memory for finals, affect their mood, and over time, could create significant health problems.


Human Health Senior, Lamar Greene, Named Rhodes Scholarship Finalist

Congratulations to Lamar Greene for being named a Rhodes Scholarship finalist. He entered Emory as a Gates Millennium Scholar and immediately became involved on campus and in the community in efforts to reduce health care disparities.


CSHH Distinguished Speaker Series Presents Dr. Maria Fadiman

The Center for the Study of Human Health cordially invites you to attend "Health and Culture: How Food in Palau and Oil in the Amazon Affect Us All," a distinguished guest lecture by Maria Fadiman, PhD, an associate professor of Geography at Florida Atlantic University.


Dr. Rachel Hall-Clifford on Global Health Ethics

Dr. Hall-Clifford contributes to Harvard’s Health & Human Rights Journal.