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Full-time Core Faculty

Chris Eagle, PhD
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Chris Eagle studies speech pathology and language loss, cultural ideas about illness and the body, and the history of neuroscience and neurolinguistics.

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Amanda Freeman, PhD
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Amanda Freeman, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, studies neurological and genetic mechanisms with a focus on how the brain regulates sleep.

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Rachel Hall-Clifford, PhD, MPH, MSc
Assistant Professor

Dr. Rachel Hall-Clifford is a medical anthropologist who applies social science approaches to global health research and implementation.

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Michelle Lampl, MD, PhD

Dr. Michelle Lampl studies human growth and development with expertise in mechanisms of growth and origins of health.

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Jill Welkley, PhD
Associate Professor

Dr. Welkley studies exercise, physical activity, stress, and mental health.

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Myra Woodworth-Hobbs, PhD

Dr. Myra Woodworth-Hobbs studies skeletal muscle biology, nutritional biochemistry, and sports nutrition.

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