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Berson Lecture Series

The Harold and Florence Berson Lecture is presented through the Health Innovation concentration, a collaboration between the Center for the Study of Human Health and Goizueta Business School at Emory University. The series, which highlights the intersection of health and business, is made possible by the generous support of Denise Berson Tanzman 81C P18 and Mitchell Tanzman 81C P18. 

Dr. Carlos del Rio (Emory University) & Peter Carter (Delta EVP)

The 2021 Berson Lecture Series features Dean Carlos del Rio and Peter Carter, Delta EVP chief legal officer and corporate secretary. The two will explore Delta Airlines and Emory University’s successful partnership’s evolution throughout the pandemic, discuss the intersections between health and commerce, and share their perspectives on the ways that it informed business operations and brand strategy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Spring 2020

Jeff Aronin (Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, LLC)

Jeff Aronin is currently chairman and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. Paragon Biosciences is focused on improving the lives of patients suffering from debilitating diseases by building innovative biotechnology companies that bring important medicines and medical devices to the market. The company's leadership and management team leverage their entrepreneurial experiences, and their expertise in securing drug approvals, to develop and finance biotechnology companies and accelerate their advancements. Patients come first, as Paragon Biosciences' portfolio companies power medical breakthroughs with the support and collaboration of healthcare providers and key stakeholders involved in delivering healthcare services.

Spring 2019

Angela Fusaro 01C 17B (Co-founder and COO of Physician 360)

Angela Fusaro, MD, MBA, is an Emergency Medicine physician and the Co-Founder and COO of Physician 360, a company that develops rapid, at-home tests for urgent care conditions like strep throat, flu, UTI and anemia. A pioneer in healthcare innovation, Dr. Fusaro has designed two entrepreneurship courses for medical students at Emory and led a national workshop that helps physicians translate clinical insight into marketable products that can save, and improve the quality of, patients' lives. She also has extensive leadership experience in organized medicine, driving business development on the board of numerous national organizations, including Hygeia Health. Dr. Fusaro is an alumna of Emory College and Goizueta, as well as a 2017 Poets & Quants recipient.

Fall 2017

Fall 2017: Brian Rudolf 12B (Co-founder and CEO of Banza)

Brian Rudolph, Co-Founder and CEO of Banza, is on a mission to make nutritious food more accessible. At the age of 23, Brian co‐founded Banza with his brother Scott. Banza makes a high protein, lower carb pasta made from chickpeas. Today, Banza is the fastest growing brand of pasta in the country. Mr. Rudolph is a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 and Inc 30 under 30 lists. Brian received his BBA from Emory University and is an alumnus of the Venture for America fellowship.