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Engaging the Undergraduate Student in Life-Saving Discoveries

The Gavegnano Drug Discovery Program in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Human Health offers students a front row seat in the process of drug discovery, from idea to FDA-approved agent. Led by Dr. Christina Gavegnano, who has a strong track record of invention and bench to bedside success in the viral infection space, including COVID-19 and HIV-1. Students will have the opportunity for hands-on experiences in laboratory discovery, human trial design, clinical shadowing of our team’s ongoing trials, and ongoing collaborations with both the FDA and pharma to advance common goals of saving lives in real time.

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Dr. Christina Gavegnano

Drug Discovery - 4 Key Stages

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Stage 1.

Preclinical Research

The earliest stage of drug discovery, where a lead candidate is identified and tested for efficacy and safety across in vitro and animal models.

Preclinical Research Active Epicenters
Stage 2.

Clinical and Translational Research

The identified lead candidate drug is moved to clinical trials in order to test for safety and efficacy in human subjects.

Clinical and Translational Research Active Epicenters
Stage 3.

Licensing and Marketing

When a drug is proven safe and efficacious in human trials, it is ready to enter the market. This stage includes complex legal and business negotiations between scientists and pharmaceutical companies.

Licensing and Marketing Active Epicenters
Stage 4.

Implementation and Access

This stage is focused on patient access to a drug once it has entered the market. Drug accessibility and implementation is impacted by public policy and bioethical considerations.

Implementation and Access Active Epicenters

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Active Funding Sources

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