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Clinical and Translational Research

The identified lead candidate drug is moved to clinical trials in order to test for safety and efficacy in human subjects.

Active Epicenters

Clinical Protocol Teams

Students will learn how to assemble pre-clinical packages from data generated on lead drug candidates, and will actively engage in writing documents required for human clinical trial protocols that are submitted for review and approval processes by the FDA prior to the launch of human clinical trials.

Collaborative groups supporting student work:

Clinical Trial Data Analysis Teams

Students will learn how to perform “big data analysis” on data generated from human trials, that ultimately helps to shape the understanding of how novel agents impact humans during the trials. Students will assist in the preparation of datasets for publication, and for the continued collaborative discovery and human trial efforts with pharma, NIH, and other partners. Data will also be used to help inform larger clinical trials built upon data collected from the Clinical Trial Data Analysis Teams.

Clinical Trial Shadowing Teams

Students will have the unique opportunity to shadow our clinical teams as the clinical trials from agents discovered in our groups are launched at Emory sites. Shadowing will encompass clinical visits, specimen collection, and collection of data for endpoints for the human studies launched in our groups.

Collaborative groups supporting student work: