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A Preview of Spring 2024 Courses


Our health is essential now more than ever. Discover these Spring 2024 courses that revolve around several facets of our living health.


HLTH 324 | Nutrition for the Performing Arts

This course will cover the nutritional elements that will help students understand the basic science behind nutritional recommendations, and strategies that can help performing artists achieve the desired body profile, optimal hydration, endurance, and health. Special attention will be given to artists of different age and sex, the nutritional stresses associated with travel, performing in hot and humid environments, and optimal eating strategies that can help artists prepare for performances at different times of day and night.

Taught by: Dan Benardot



HLTH 353 | Players, Politics, & Power

This course is a seminar-style course that focuses on the interplay of major global health actors/players, the politics of global health, and the power dynamics that infuse the interplay. The course will concentrate on key global health players over the last 25 years including public, multilateral, private, and philanthropic players. The landscape of global health was framed by the post-World War 2 set of organizations and institutions. Over the last 25 years and particularly since the millennium the landscape has fundamentally changed. This course will explore the dynamics of this change, the influence of respective global health players in crafting the global health agenda and the relative power of each player over time. A key focus of this course will interrogate the question of whether and how the priorities and politics of the big global health players influence decisions taken at community, sub-national, and national levels in low and middle-income countries.

Taught by: Deb McFarland



HLTH 385 | Experiential Epidemiology

This course will apply epidemiological concepts to examine real world data for current health issues. Hands-on analysis will help you build skills in data management, manipulation, analysis, and writing code in R and/or SAS. This class is recommended for those with an interest in Epidemiology, including the Epi 4+1 program.

Taught by: Robert Hood



HLTH 385 | Concepts of Care

Understanding, providing, and advocating for care is paramount in today's complex and interconnected world. This course delves into the multi-faceted nature of care, examining it through various lenses and contexts. Whether you aspire to work in healthcare, social services, or education or want to enhance your understanding of human relationships and well-being, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a more compassionate and effective caregiver.

This course will give students a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of care and their practical applications. Students will be better prepared to engage in compassionate caregiving as healthcare professionals, educators, community advocates, or individuals dedicated to creating a more caring and empathetic world. Join us in exploring the profound art and science of care today .

Taught by: Andrea Fitzroy



HLTH 485 | Health Innovation Delivery

This course guides students through the process of planning the implementation and evaluation of a health innovation. Human-centered and collaborative innovation models guide development of a sustainable and ethical business plan. This course will take place at The Hatchery.

Taught by: Rachel Hall-Clifford