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Nutrition Science Minor

The Nutrition Science Minor exposes students to the science of human nutritional biology from the cellular basis to the whole body. The program recognizes the psycho-socio-cultural-ecological influences on dietary choices and the biological processes underlying health and disease from prenatal life to senescence.

Students will develop competencies in the following areas:

  • Biological foundations of nutrition, including human physiology and biochemistry
  • Effects of nutrition on chronic disease
  • Role of nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention
  • Biological mechanisms underlying health
  • Basic epidemiologic and biostatistical methods used in nutrition science research
  • Role of nutrition across an individual’s lifespan
  • Influence of physical activity on nutrient, energy, and hydration needs

Required Foundational Courses

  • HLTH 220 Introduction to Nutrition Science
  • HLTH 320 Nutrition & Chronic Disease
  • HLTH 321 Nutrition across the Life Cycle
  • HLTH 420 Mythbusters: Nutrition Facts and Fiction

Examples of Relevant HLTH Courses

  • HLTH 323 Nutrition for Exercise & Sport
  • HLTH 328 Textbook to Table
  • HLTH 340 Food, Health, & Society
  • HLTH 440 Botanical Medicine & Health

Led By Distinguished Faculty